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What if You Could Have Brand New Countertops without Replacing or Demolishing your Old Surfaces?


You Can. With the Low-Cost Process of Resurfacing.


Resurfacing, as it applies to Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, is the process of overlaying an existing surface such as Formica, tile, concrete, wood, porcelain, cast iron, natural or synthetic stones.

Granicrete’s highly modified, cementitious overlay systems, used by Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, provide a durable, solid surface, for both residential and commercial applications.

what is resurfacingThese overlay systems contain polymers that allow the final surface the ability to flex slightly so that you achieve the strength of concrete without the cracks and fissures that appear on normal concrete from stress and weather.

Being an overlay, our products are less than 1/4 inch thick so they do not significantly change the profile of the existing surface. 

No demolition is required on exterior applications and typically not for interior applications unless the property owner is changing the footprint of the space. 

Consequently, there is less disruption to the property owner and a reduced carbon footprint from landfill waste.

Homeowners, architects, general contractors, designers, landlords, property investors and property managers, have found these industrial grade solid surfaces to be extremely durable, easy to clean, maintain, and provide a valuable return on investment.

Each one of Granicrete’s proprietary overlay systems are scientifically developed to meet strict industry standards and are extensively tested.

Because Granicrete has independent installers across the U.S. and the world, application conditions such as relative humidity, extreme temperatures, freezing, and thawing have been tested and evaluated in real-life situations.

Rocky Mountain Resurfacing’s installers are fully trained in the application of each overlay system and have the full technical support from Granicrete International during the operation of their businesses.

driveway patio surfacingDriveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Porches: The exterior overlay systems consist of industrial crack repair products used to alleviate concrete spalling, cracking and surface imperfections.

A base coat of highly modified concrete material is applied, followed by a second coat that can have a pattern and color added.

The patterning process is completely customizable so customers can match their new project to an existing surface.

For example, Rocky Mountain Resurfacing can very closely replicate a flagstone sidewalk onto old concrete to match an existing natural flagstone patio.  Other popular patterns are brick, terrazzo, granite slab, and even wood plank.

When dried, Granicrete’s industrial sealers are applied according to the specific application.  Unlike porous concrete, the new surface is now waterproof and more resistant to chemicals.

Slip Resistant additives are also applied to most exterior surfaces for safety.

Rocky Mountain Resurfacing can also apply these overlays to vertical surfaces such as outdoor barbeque enclosures, interior showers and fireplace surrounds and mantles.

Although we are unable to resurface fiberglass, Rocky Mountain Resurfacing can remove a homeowners’ existing fiberglass tub and/or shower enclosure and build a customized shower enclosure.

shower surface restoreWe then overlay, color, and seal the new substrate with our unique materials.

Customers are able to obtain a completely new look, such as large offset stone tiles without actual grout lines to clean and maintain.

Entire interior walls can be coated to provide an accent wall in stone like looks if desired.

Interior Surfaces:  The interior overlay system is similar in application to the exterior, and can be applied over tile, concrete, and porcelain.

Linoleum and laminate must be removed in order to overlay, taking the floors down to the original substrate.

Wood floors can be overlaid but require several additional steps in the process to acquire a monolithic surface.

Rocky Mountain Resurfacing can resurface porcelain or cast iron tubs and sinks to give them new life.

Countertops:  Our countertop overlays are very exciting!  We are able to resurface existing tops, whether they are tile, Formica, concrete, granite, cultured marble – almost any surface.

This overlay process also uses Granicrete’s highly modified concrete materials to provide the homeowner with a seamless, solid surface that is anti-microbial.

Because the surfaces are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation they are applicable for commercial food operations.

As with the flooring applications, countertops can also have a custom designed pattern applied, e.g. tiles or individual stones.  Because the colors are hand applied, the artistic options are limitless.

We even encourage our customers to be involved in the coloring process.

Sealers can be applied to the final finish to provide an additional layer of protection to these extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain surfaces.

Another very unique aspect of the countertop overlay system is Rocky Mountain Resurfacing’s ability to create a stone-like edge.

For example, this edge can be individually crafted to look like chiseled stone giving the appearance of high-end granite without the extra lineal-foot charge associated with natural stone.

epoxy resurfacing colorado Epoxies:  Whether the customer is seeking an interior or exterior application of epoxy, Granicrete has grown to become the leader in the epoxy coatings industry.

They built this authority by developing a line of epoxies that are far superior to what consumers will find commercially.

An epoxy finish is not only more durable, it is water repellant, more resistant to chemicals and easier to clean and maintain.

RMR offers numerous types and colors of epoxies that can protect and enhance garages, shops, commercial showrooms, salons, eateries, as well as interior and exterior concrete surfaces such as floors and countertops.

Because we grind and repair the existing substrate, property owners not only improve the appearance of their surfaces, they increase their property’s value.  We offer these epoxies in solid colors, chip and quartz broadcasts, and the very popular Metallix.

Concrete Stains can also be applied to our horizontal overlays.  These stains can be applied as a single color or combined for a customized look.

Granicrete’s development team is continually assessing their products’ durability, longevity, and value.  They stand behind their products and support their independent installers.

They are also constantly testing new products to enhance the consumers’ commercial and residential property improvement options.

We have resurfaced kitchen tables, antique cast iron tubs and sinks, business’s front counter tops with their company logo embedded in the surface and our customers keep exploring new ways to turn their drab surfaces into fab surfaces!

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