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You Asked, We Answered

Resurfacing may be a foreign concept to homeowners – and we understand! The process is fairly new, so it’s only natural to have questions around the concept. Read our most frequently asked questions to learn what resurfacing is, and if this process is right for you. Have more questions? Use our contact form to get the answers!

What is resurfacing?

Resurfacing is the use of a modified concrete material that is hand-applied and customized to your desired surface, such as flooring, countertops, or driveways. We finish this process by applying an industrial-strength sealer.

How long does this process take?

From start to finish, our projects take about one week.

Is this more affordable than another process, like replacing concrete or granite?

Unlike replacing concrete or tile, our process does not consist of tearing up existing material in order for a new surface to be applied. This means fewer steps, shorter project times, and lower costs.

Do you provide services to business owners or commercial properties?

Yes! We are happy to provide our services to property owners of all types.

My flooring has nicks and cracks. Will I have to get this addressed before your team comes in?

No! Part of our process is to address all imperfections to ensure we are starting on a smooth and even surface.