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Commercial Overlay/Epoxy Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Commercial Coating Systems

Is your commercial property due for an update? Whether you’re looking to replace the sidewalk or driveway, or need to replace your interior flooring, Rocky Mountain Resurfacing has the resources and services you need to transform your business space.

Exterior Overlay On Back Patio Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Residential Coating Systems

Flooring projects can be intimidating. Not only do these endeavors have the potential to be considerably expensive, they are also time-consuming. Our process, however, is efficient and timely. Our residential coating systems result in versatile and dependable flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and beautiful.

Countertop Refinishing Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado


Simply replacing your kitchen countertops has the potential to transform your entire kitchen or bathroom. Renew your spaces with modern, handcrafted countertops. Whether your current countertops are tile, Formica, marble, or even concrete, RMR offers a wide array of design options customizable to your specific needs.

Shower System Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Shower Systems

Interested in upgrading your shower system, but not sure where to start? Our team can help. We provide shower system resurfacing, which gives your shower a fresh new look without tearing up an existing pan or walls. If you’re interested in replacing your shower with a seamless overlay system to replicate tile, stone, quartz or granite, our team has customizable alternatives for you.

Bathtub Refinishing

Did you know you don’t need to purchase a new bathtub to replace your old one? Our bathtub refinishing process renews the bathtub you already have by thoroughly cleaning, sanitizing, sanding, and filling in any chips, scratches, or worn areas. By the time our team is finished, you won’t even recognize it!

Driveway Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado


Cracked driveway? Spalling? Salt damage galore? If your driveway is damaged, the best thing you can do is get it treated as soon as possible. When damaged driveways go untreated, potential risks increase, especially when you factor in Colorado’s extreme weather conditions. Protect yourself and your family by repairing your driveway with Rocky Mountain Resurfacing’s professional coating systems.

Garage Epoxy Flooring Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Epoxy Systems

Looking for an incredibly durable product? Epoxy systems may be the answer for you. Our team uses Granicrete epoxies, which are specifically engineered to be resilient and offer superior longevity in comparison to home-improvement store epoxies. Experience quality and durability with our epoxy systems. We offer chip, Mettalix, and quartz systems. Chips can be used for garages or commercial space, while Mettalix, in a rainbow of color choices, can be used for garages, salons, and showrooms. Quartz can be used in commercial restaurants, saunas, or high-traffic areas.

Residential Overlay SystemsRocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Overlay Systems

Reinvent your residential or commercial property with overlay systems. This means applying industry leading overlay coatings to your existing surfaces for a fraction of the time and cost. We offer personalized solutions to fit your aesthetic, and ensure quality and efficiency are delivered with each project.

Kitchen Interior Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Interior Overlay Systems

Is your interior flooring damaged? Or perhaps it’s outdated and in need of a refresh? Either way, our team can renew the feel of your interior through an overlay. Our non-invasive process consists of flooring systems that simply go on top of your current flooring to reinvent your residential or commercial property.

Back Patio Overlay Rocky Mountain Resurfacing, Durango Colorado

Exterior Overlay Systems

Damaged patio, driveway, or sidewalk in need of repair? Looking to update your pool deck? Our team is able to handle these and more. Our exterior overlay system offers innovative solutions to damaged exterior surfaces. The process is prompt, efficient, and results in a stunning final product you will love for years to come.


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